Welcome to the site of Daisy Mae TM (that’s me). Before you go exploring round, let me tell you a bit about myself and how the site works so that it makes more sense and you don’t get lost. 
I’m a vegan biker chick who loves cooking, trying new things, and exploring nature in as many ways as possible. I can pretty much break down my biggest strengths into three main areas - cooking, travelling, and self-confidence, and alongside those I love to meet people who vibe with me, in all of those areas. 
Not too long ago I learnt that helping people is the main driving force in what motivates me, so here you’ll find videos and blogs that should inspire you to feel more confident in loads of aspects of your life. Read on to see what each section is about.

DMTM ❤ x


This section is all about trying and learning new things, whether that’s delving into a part of spirituality you haven’t thought about before or trying a new sport which seemed too scary or out of reach. I want you to feel comfortable going outside your comfort zone.


Here you’ll find all of the incredibly delicious food creations that are a combination of my own inventions and passed-down family recipes. They are plant-based, adaptable and irresistable…


Exploring nature, whether that’s close to home or in a distant land, is a great way to feel closer to Earth and be more grateful for what is on our doorstep. Travelling is different for everyone so don’t feel put off by any big expeditions, take it at your own pace.